Many men and women both suffer from hair loss for a variety of reasons. It doesn't make it easy.

Whatever the cause, thinning or loss of hair can damage your confidence. Thankfully, there are hair restoration treatments available that can stimulate regrowth and help patients feel better about their appearance. Try a revolutionary approach to hair restoration that uses your own platelets to increase hair growth. PRP treatments have already gained renown in their ability to help issues such as signs of aging and arthritis, it now is becoming the preeminent way to treat hair loss. Stop trying to cover up your hair loss problem, and try a new treatment that can help regrow your hair and confidence!

PRP Hair Restoration from Premier Health & Wellness utilizes tiny injections to promote scalp rejuvenation, stimulate the follicle, and encourage thicker hair growth for both women and men.

Platelet rich plasma also known as PRP, utilizes your own platelets for the injections minimizing the risk of adverse reactions from your body.  Try PRP treatment as a safe and effective option for improving your look and confidence.

Come in and discuss whether you might be a good candidate for PRP Hair Restoration today!