As we age our hormones levels fluctuate and that can change how we feel – in many different ways.

From fatigue and irritability to low sex drive, hormones influence our daily emotions and physical well-being. Bio-Therapy Hormone Replacement Therapy re-establishes the hormonal balance to make you feel better with fewer side effects versus synthetic derivatives. Along with restoring the natural balance in your body, it can protect against heart disease, reduce the risk of breast cancer, and improve your cholesterol and lipid profiles. Come in and discuss our multiple delivery and dosing treatment options that can include pellet therapy, a treatment option that can reduce physician visits and maintain a more constant stream of hormones.

If you experience any of the following symptoms or are diagnosed with these diseases, BIHRT may be right for you:

+ Severe Cramps
+ Depression
+ Vaginal thinning/ dryness
+ Premenopausal
+ Premenstrual Syndrome
+ Memory lapses

+ Painful Intercourse
+ Weight Gain
+ Infertility/Endometriosis
+ Insomnia
+ Hot Flashes
+ Mood Swings

+ Irregular periods
+ Heart Disease
+ Night Sweats
+ Reduced Libido
+ Fibrocystic Breast
+ Osteoporosis

We have multiple dosing options to make finding the perfect delivery system for you easy:


+ Topical Creams

+ Patches

+ Pellets

+ Oral Medication

+ Vaginal Inserts

Your hormones might be the cause of your symptoms and struggles, let’s talk about what you are experiencing and explore treatment options.