There is no simple answer to weight loss.

Everyone would like to reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Carrying around extra weight causes you to lose confidence and can often lead to other health issues and complications. However, we all know that achieving these goals is often easier said than done.

After trying all of the fad diets and unsuccessful gimmicks, it can be easy to become frustrated with the weight loss solutions out there. As with any health issue, there can be many causes for weight gain or the inability to lose pounds. Here at Premier Health & Wellness, we use an integrative approach to identify your own individual needs and create a treatment plan that will help you overcome your own personal barriers and obstacles. If the gym is your nemesis, we will find a workout regimen you can stick to. Always have a more difficult time with nutrition? We can help you make the right choices. Every person and each body is different, we help you find the path that will work for you.

Physician Supervision


Daily Meal Plans


Vitamins & Nutritional Support


 Weight Loss Medication

B-12 Injections


On-Site Fitness Camp (With Certified Fitness Trainer)


 Weekly Weigh-Ins

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