Chronic illnesses and pain can mean a lifetime of struggle for many people. Here at Premier Health & Wellness, we are always seeking out treatments that can improve the lives of our patients, from the best medicines to the latest therapies. If you have been looking for a different treatment for your issues, Ondamed™ PEMF Therapy might be the treatment you have been searching for! Whether you suffer from chronic pain or are looking to heal a wound or just want to improve your circulation, Ondamed™ PEMF Therapy might be for you!  This treatment uses pulses of energy to stimulate your nervous and vascular systems to improve circulation and oxygenation of your cells.You have been looking for more options, learn more about Ondamed™ PEMF Therapy and see if it the right choice for you!

Patients have seen:

+ Reduces pain and inflammation 
+ Improves energy & circulation
+ Increases blood & tissue oxygenation
+ Regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as the uptake of nutrients
+ Increases cellular detoxification and cell regeneration
+ Accelerates repair of bone and soft tissue
+ Relaxes muscles

chronic pain treatment lithonia

Talk with our board-certified physician, learn more about the uses of this treatment, and whether it might be a fit for your symptoms.