Change Your Experience with THERMIva®

What if you could turn back the clock and enjoy sex the way you used to? Thankfully with THERMIva®, you can.

When women age, they go through lots of changes from grey hairs to low metabolism. Unfortunately, some changes are easier to express and talk about than others. At Premier Health & Wellness, we’re here to listen to all your concerns and know that when you are experiencing changes in the most intimate areas of your life it can be a difficult time for any women. We want you to get educated and understand that there are options to help you regain the pleasure and confidence you once felt.

THERMIva® is one of those options. Many times after having a baby or during the normal aging process, vaginal muscles can stretch or become damaged. This can lead to loss or sensation during intimacy. THERMIva® uses radiofrequency to gently rejuvenate collagen and tighten vaginal tissues. This treatment can help improve sensation and pleasure for both you and your partner. THERMIva® is a great options for many women looking to regain sensation and enjoy sex again.

Learn if THERMIva® is the right choice for you and your body. Book an appointment with our board-certified gynecologist today.